Section 702 program.7 This hearing was comprised of three panels. The first panel consisted of government representatives who provided the governments views on Section 702. The second panel consisted of academics and privacy advocates who addressed the legal issues related to Section 702, including both statutory and constitutional matters. The

The Board Releases an Update on the Government's Feb 05, 2016 How Congress’s Extension of Section 702 May Expand the NSA Last month, Congress reauthorized Section 702, the controversial law the NSA uses to conduct some of its most invasive electronic surveillance. With Section 702 set to expire, Congress had a golden opportunity to fix the worst flaws in the NSA’s surveillance programs and protect Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights to privacy. Instead, it reupped Section 702 for six more years.

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Court case puts PRISM back in the spotlight -- FCW

(1) Except as provided in ORS 163.702 (Exceptions to ORS 163.700 and 163.701), a person commits the crime of invasion of personal privacy in the second degree if: (a) (A) For the purpose of arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of the person, the person is in a location to observe another person in a state of nudity without the consent of the other person; and

Privacy Please — Made by Babes for Babes A Los Angeles based vintage-inspired line full of dresses, skirts, + more. Available exclusively on Walmart Privacy Policy Jul 17, 2020 Striking a Balance: Privacy and National Security in Notwithstanding these advantages, privacy and civil liberty advocates have raised concerns that Section 702 does not adequately protect U.S. persons’ privacy.9 Particularly, privacy advocates have challenged the use of terms identifying U.S. persons to “query,” or search, the databases of FISA's Section 702 & the Privacy Conundrum: Surveillance