To resolve the problem, verify that the LDAP server is running, that the connection is not blocked by a firewall, and that the correct LDAP port is specified for the Port property in the LDAP properties file.. These messages can also be logged when the LDAP server requires bind security but the ObjectServer is configured for anonymous bind.

Oct 28, 2012 Connection from samba to LDAP server failed - Server Fault (the number is just counted up) . Connection to LDAP server failed for the 13 try! [2014/01/30 11:22:12, 1] lib/smbldap.c:1265(another_ldap_try) Connection to LDAP server failed for the 14 try! [2014/01/30 11:22:13, 1] lib/smbldap.c:1265(another_ldap_try) Connection to LDAP server failed for the 15 try! LDAP Server: "Failed to bind to server. ldap error #-1 Can Mar 02, 2017

tls - LDAPS not working: failed to bind to LDAP server (16

Mar 08, 2012 Server Connection - WatchGuard Test the Server Connection. You can test the connection to your authentication server from the Authentication Servers page for your Active Directory or LDAP server, or you can navigate directly to the Server Connection page in Fireware Web UI. When you test the connection, the results you receive depend on the parameters you specified. Troubleshoot Active Directory/LDAP Connector

Common LDAP authentication errors

Hi, I'm having this problem also very very annoying. Not using SSL server and client running 10.7.2. Any clues getting rather desperate. Cheers! Each WebLogic Server instance has an LDAP directory, but you only need to back up the LDAP data on the Administration Server—the master LDAP server replicates the LDAP data from each Managed Server when updates to security data are made. WebLogic security providers cannot modify security data while the domain Administration Server is unavailable. Here you will find RHEL 7 instructions to configure a LDAP directory service for user connection.