SWAT and SSL Lots of people have asked about how to setup SWAT with SSL to allow for secure remote administration of Samba. Here is a method that works, courtesy of Markus Krieger. My modifications to the swat setup are as following: install OpenSSL generate certificate and private key

Configure LDAPS - Citrix Docs Not all of these software components prefer to use SSL port 636 to ensure secure LDAP. And most of the time, LDAPS (LDAP over SSL on port 636) cannot coexist with STARTTLS on 389. SSSD. Configure the SSSD secure LDAP traffic on port 636 or 389 as per the options. For more information, see the SSSD LDAP Linux man page. Winbind Accessing LibreELEC [LibreELEC.wiki] Then sprinkle the three major evolutions of Samba that could be involved. Then mix it up whether LibreELEC is the server or the client. Ultimately, there are 100+ possible combinations of problems and no simple way to provide an answer. As from LibreELEC 8.2.3, Kodi uses SMBv2 as the default Samba …

I'm trying to leverage my existing (fully configured and working) Samba AD DC as authentication for XWiki, and other apps. As such, I'm first trying to do a successful ldapsearch from the XWiki server. The following command works on the Samba server, but not on the XWiki client:

Jun 21, 2019 · Samba is a re-implementation of the SMB (Server Message Block) networking protocol and allows Linux computers to integrate into Microsoft’s active directory environments seamlessly. CIFS or Common Internet File System is an implementation of the SMB protocol.

Samba File Server and NAS Authentication with JumpCloud JumpCloud orchestrates all of the authentication and authorization between the Samba server, JumpCloud’s LDAP service, and finally the user’s system in the background. Features. Support for Linux Samba enabled file servers or commercial NAS appliances. TLS/SSL LDAP authentication security. Domain and SID configuration support. Secure your Samba Authentications Automatically via May 08, 2017 rsync-ssl(1) man page - download.samba.org